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Coming soon - New trans-Tasman Method of Measurement launched

“A new trans-Tasman ‘method of measurement’ will give contractors more certainty with pricing and allow them to work cohesively with our Australian counterparts,” says New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS) President, Barry Calvert.

The new industry guideline is based on a template that is used internationally.

Entitled the Australian and New Zealand Standard Method of Measurement 2018 (ANZSMM 2018), it was launched by NZIQS and Registered Master Builders Association of New Zealand (RMBA).

A method of measurement is used by quantity surveyors when preparing a schedule of quantities. It provides the measure of the physical content of a building, and itemises the costs of materials, equipment and labour during the construction industry’s tendering process.

Mr Calvert said the previous method of measurement was last reviewed in 1995 and hadn’t been updated since.

“With the rapid pace at which our industry is moving, it’s time for a new approach.

“ANZSMM has been a long time coming, and we are looking forward to finally putting it into action.”

A common method of measurement that is used on both sides of the Tasman is important because it enables New Zealand and Australian companies to work in both countries.

“It also facilitates industry-wide consistency and benchmarking, encourages best practice and helps to avoid disputes,” Mr Calvert said. 

The CEO of the Registered Master Builders, David Kelly, has welcomed the proposal.

“The real benefit is aligning ourselves with our counterparts in Australia. It is an opportunity to be involved in standard setting with them and of course build more consistency and coherence in implementing the method of measurement standard.”


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