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Hotels & Hospitality

Looking to invest or develop a brand new hotel?  Not sure on total outturn cost and its viability?  Look no further than SAIG Consultancy Ltd.  We currently provide a high level of services and techniques to assist with the development and redevelopment of hotels in the Asia / Pacific region.

SAIG Consultancy Ltd has previously provided quantity surveying / cost consulting services on hotel projects in the Middle East, Europe and Papua New Guinea.

We have knowledge of high end luxury resorts and developments and through associations have direct links to procurement supply chains and full development, project and construction management services.

These direct links afford Client's with the opportunity to manage project costs to ensure budgets are met and quality is maintained.

Mixed Use Developments

SAIG Consultancy Ltd have experience in mixed use developments, comprising hotels, residential, offices, commercial, food & beverage, retail and car parking. 

We thrive on mixed-use developments that provides unique opportunities and challenges which showcase our abilities to deliver better value.

Commercial / Office

SAIG Consultancy Ltd has provided cost consultancy services on office park developments and individual offices for clients.

Working under traditional contracts and design and build guaranteed maximum price contracts, SAIG Consultancy Ltd understands Clients briefs and their expectations regarding gross and lettable areas ensuring maximum revenue streams.

No matter what category fit-out is required, SAIG Consultancy Ltd will work with developers from inception to completion, providing strategic guidance and advice along the way to achieve goals and objectives.


SAIG Consultancy Ltd understand that retail client’s expect a maximum return on investment.  In order to achieve this, many retailers re-branding their branding by implementing a “roll out programme” or the project could be a single project / refurbishment.

Retail projects generally have short fit-out/build programmes and tight deadlines thus maximising returns by ensuring that store opening can be established sooner which generates revenue and project payback times are reduced.


SAIG Consultancy Ltd have previously been involved with hospital projects in the UK for the NHS.

There is obviously a degree of complexity when constructing hospital projects in terms of hygiene and building services. 


There are many types of wards / departments requiring various types of fit-outs / services and SAIG Consultancy Ltd have the knowledge, expertise and know-how to deliver.