Quantity Surveying & Cost Management Services

With an accomplished quantity surveyor / cost manager at the fore-front of SAIG Consultancy Ltd, the key focus is to clearly understand the Clients brief, aims and objectives.  Once established SAIG Consultancy Ltd can strategise to ensure goals and budgets can be achieved. 

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SAIG Consultancy Ltd provides the following services to achieve these goals:

Feasibility Studies

It is vital for any developer or investor that the end product is going to provide a return on investment at the expected rate of return.

SAIG Consultancy Ltd works with developers and investors to provide early feasibility studies / analysis on proposed developments ensuring that the right gross floor area and/or room mixes are at their optimum to provide the best return before proceeding to the next phase of design.

Through associations, SAIG Consultancy Ltd can also assist in the process of obtaining project financing through current networks with investors in the Asia / Pacific region.

Estimating / Cost Planning

  • Initial feasibility studies / estimate to establish whether the project is viable and can generate the require IRR.

  • Preliminary estimates based on early designs

  • Detailed estimates and cost planning guidance throughout design stages

  • Advice in terms of value and risk management including mitigation measures

  • Advice on materials selection and general buildability advice (SAIG Consultancy Ltd has access to overseas supply chains which can drive down costs)

  • Attendance at design meetings

Risk / Value Management

SAIG Consultancy Ltd will actively be involved with the Client and all the design team, taking part in workshops which looks at the current design and how changes could be adapted to make buildability easier and more cost effective whilst not having a negative impact on the design intent.

SAIG Consultancy Ltd will also identify the potential risks associated with the project and work with the design team to provide mitigating measures to ensure the risks are kept low and eventually phased out.

Tendering and Procurement

SAIG Consultancy Ltd provides the following services:

  • Advise on the procurement and tendering methodology

  • Advice on tender lists and appropriateness of bidders

  • Preparation of tender documentation

  • Advice on Bonds and Insurances

  • Schedule bills of quantities (out-sourced) or schedule of rates / contract sum analysis

  • Analysis of tender returns and their relationships back to the budget

  • Post tender meetings

  • Contractor recommendation

Post-Contract Services

SAIG Consultancy Ltd will administer processes and procedures driven by the specific construction contract utilising established quantity surveying / cost management methodologies, construction monitoring and cost reporting procedures

SAIG Consultancy Ltd provides the following Post Contract services to achieve these goals:

  • Attend regular site meetings

  • Attend site and review progress claims for work undertaken at the intervals indicated in the contract

  • Visits to subcontractors (if required) to view off site materials

  • Prepare payment recommendations

  • Manage all changes whether they carry a cost or not to fully document changes from the contract

  • Prepare monthly reports showing expenditure to date and cost to complete

  • Advice on Foreign Exchange (if payments paid in foreign currency)

  • Advice on tariffs and duties for imports

  • Review, check and price variations and agree with contractors

  • Agree final accounts with the contractor

  • Close out the project ensuing that all documentation is provided by the contractor.

  • Attend meetings to represent the financial interests of the client

  • Availability through the defect liability period.